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Who is ProQuest

ProQuest is a key partner for content holders of all types. They preserve and enable access to rich and varied information to governmental and private organizations worldwide.

Their partnerships comprise a growing content collection that currently encompasses:

  • 90,000 authoritative sources
  • 6 billion digital pages (spanning 6 centuries)
  • 450,000+ e-books
  • 20 million pages of global, national, regional and specialty newspapers


ProQuest features the world’s largest collection of dissertations and theses. They offer access to a rich aggregated collections of the world’s most important scholarly journals and periodicals. ProQuest manages an ever-expanding collection of critical data and their storage and server needs expand at irregular intervals as they add partners. Curated information storage is growing while research budgets shrink.

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The Need for a Solution

ProQuest selected AWS as a primary provider and Microsoft Azure as supporting provider. They relied on Cloud Academy to get their employees trained, especially because traditional training was critical and more expensive, not to mention losing working hours and productivity. Traditional instructor-led courses also present barriers of logistical challenges, rigid structure, and high cost, while Cloud Academy training is very accessible at any time. For this, continuous learning with a digital training partner Cloud Academy was investigated and deemed the best solution.

A Solution in Action

Mark Nichols, Director of Infrastructure Engineering for ProQuest, is a technical business professional with more than 20 years of experience with ProQuest.

“We’re transitioning from an on-prem architecture to a cloud based architecture for our product platforms and needed a way to provide broad and deep exposure to cloud best practices – particularly focused on AWS, but we also make some use of Azure.”

The Results

Mark expressed some reasons his organization selected Cloud Academy:

“We’re in a highly competitive market and the market is facing financial challenges, probably shrinking a bit (Library budgets). Our customers want us to deliver content more quickly, but don’t want to pay more for it. Reducing cost and improving time to market through efficient use of cloud computing will give us a competitive edge.”

He noted the key advantages of Cloud Academy are flexibility, scalability, cost-structure and customer service. The time flexibility was an important deciding factor in selecting their training partner. ProQuest wanted learning resources available whenever staff has frees up time to train, 24 x 7 for the night owls among them. Staff feedback on the quality of Cloud Academy’s resources has been more than positive.

Mark expressed his satisfaction with Cloud Academy because they offer a solution that works for ProQuest.

“It’s far more cost effective and less disruptive than sending someone to a week (or weeks) of training. People can learn just what they need, when they need it, at a time and in a place that is convenient for them.”

— Mark Nichols, Infrastructure Engineering Director, ProQuest —

How can we help you?

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