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Anish Dharmakkan's story

Anish Dharmakkan
“Initially, I felt that the cost was a bite expensive for my budget. However, I quickly realized their value once I was able to dig into the materials.”
Cloud Technical Specialist
Melbourne, Australia
Dec. 15, 2015

Who is Anish?

Anish is a Linux system administrator with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and a Master’s in Network Security. Today he specializes in Linux, Automation, Performance Analysis and is an AWS Platform specialist. Thanks to CloudAcademy, he has successfully acquired the Certified Developer (Associate Level) certification and is on his way to Solutions Architect (Professional Level)!

Anish’s Cloud Academy Experience

“Quizzes and certification prep are very important before the exam to make sure that your training and knowledge is complete and that all bases are covered.”

Anish founds lots of value in Cloud Academy’s quizzes and cert preparations especially valuable because they are a quick way to test your knowledge before the exam. Now he is promoting Cloud Academy’s courses to all of his friends.

“I am recommending Cloud Academy to all of my friends.”
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