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Chris Dansie's story

Chris Dansie
“Thanks for the excellent service the night of the lecture and for the support given to my students!”
Assistant Professor at the University of Utah, Information Technologist
Salt Lake City, Utah
May 13, 2015

Who is Chris Dansie at the University of Utah?

Chris Dansie, Assistant Professor (Lecturer) at the University of Utah, in spring 2015 based his Cloud Computing class on Cloud Academy's online training material.

“Your solution is really quite impressive. I love how the labs are in the actual environment! I'm really excited about the possibilities here!
My wheels are turning.”

His courses usually are on Ois Operations & Info Systems. Chris' teaching projects are mainly related to NETLAB+ Research, Implementation, and Operations. Chris has been deeply involved in architecting, engineering, developing, securing and operating Internet-based technology solutions since 1995 and his specialties are web, mobile, cloud computing, information security, HIPAA compliance, database scaling, web startups, teaching, training, and education. He teaches Networking and Servers class, given 6-8 times a year at the University of Utah-USA.
Chris has been very excited about the new learning approach and he thinks that other universities might considered Cloud Academy from an AWS learning platform.

“I've incorporated 10 of your labs into my course. I discussed the topics (such as EBS) and the students did the lab in-class as an exercise. I used your dashboard to confirm they completed all the given exercises. I've also encouraged students to watch the relevant training for more details beyond my lecture slides.”

University of Utah experience on Cloud Academy

"I've encouraged the students to work the other labs on their own time and watch the videos. Thanks for the excellent service the night of the lecture and for the support given to my students!"

More than 20 students did the S3 and CloudFront labs together in class with no issues and during the same lesson attended. Chris teaches about 200 students a year in a Networking and Servers class and created some online classes for the University of Utah, so he's not a newbie to online training. He's an IT security consultant outside teaching (CISSP) and have a lot of infrastructure background. He's also a Microsoft guy from many years running scalable web apps on the Microsoft stack.

“I'd love for the students to be able to use your learning platform for at-home learning and assignments since you have a formal academic program.”
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