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Gavin Davies' story

Gavin Davies
“I am a long time AWS user and am interested in AWS certification, but the physical courses were miles away or too expensive. Cloud Academy is a good way to get the training without having to travel miles or spend a fortune.”
Automation engineer
Cardiff, Wales, UK
May 24, 2016

Who is Gavin?

Gavin likes to define himself as an experienced software developer with an interest in theory tempered by strong pragmatism. He has transferable experience in dozens of languages, SCM tools, continuous integration platforms, databases and operating systems. He is an enthusiastic organiser of free tech meetups and coding workshops, and is an occasional speaker at AWS user groups.. Gavin is also the author of a book on attitude for coders and has written many blog posts for Box UK. “I am a test-driven developer who loves to build robust software. I like working with smart people and being simultaneously challenged and encouraged. I am passionate about delivery working, clean, performant, well-documented code, and since coming to grips with Agile I am vehemently opposed to bloat in either software or process!” He likes to engage with and encourage community within tech, and as such he is one of the co-organizers of Unified.Diff, a monthly tech meetup in a pub, where he is also a regular speaker. Gavin also organizes Cardiff Dev Workshop, a free, volunteer-run workshop for software developers.

Gavin’s Cloud Academy Experience

Gavin praised Cloud Academy’s overall platform:

“The quiz style is very easy to use, with questions that are representative of what's on the AWS papers.”
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