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Jeffrey Monte's story

Jeffrey Monte
“Thanks to CloudAcademy, I acquired the Certified Developer (Associate Level) certification and now I want to get more AWS certifications.”
Senior Software Developer
April 5, 2016

Who is Jeffrey?

Jeffrey has worked in Singapore for 5 years now as a Senior Software Engineer with a small team. He develops web and mobile projects using PHP / MySQL and iOS ( Objective-C ). He is very experienced with UI / UX design and also certified in the PHP language.

Thanks to CloudAcademy, he has acquired the Certified Developer (Associate Level) certification and now wants to get more AWS certifications.


Jeffrey’s Cloud Academy Experience

“The learning path took me from newbie to AWS-certified. It gave me a 100% boost to my cloud knowledge and skill.” 

Jeffrey, a newbie before enrolling with Cloud Academy, started from zero. Once he completed the Developer Associate learning path and obtained his certification, he can now honestly say that he is fully confident with the cloud stack!

He founds lots of value in Cloud Academy’s labs because they solve the "How-To" part of AWS. Our certification prep learning path were really helpful because it covered all the lessons needed to pass the Certified Developer certification exam.

He was actually afraid of cloud computing because of the over-billing stories we all hear, but once he saw that it is the future of application development and deployment he started taking full advantage of this new paradigm.

The labs gave him a confidence boost in using AWS because he worked with the services directly and gained critical first-hand knowledge.

Cloud Academy’s quizzes - especially when taken in study mode - were very helpful because they gave him a way to measure his progress.

 “I was sharing it to all of my technical friends and telling them that if you wanted to master cloud technology you should really use this platform.”

 The certification prep test added real value to his exam preparation because it helped him not only to pass the AWS Developer - Associate exam but to also have the capacity and mastery to use it to its full capacity as well.

 “As someone from a third world country, the price is very expensive for my budget. Still, I recommend it to all my friends.”

 He has tried other courses to prepare for certification exams but he felt that he was still lacking in knowledge regarding AWS. Other online courses he took touched only on how to pass the exam and not on how to fully utilize AWS in his career. After all, what’s the value of a certification if you don’t have the skills and knowledge necessary to use it to further your career?

Jeffrey started with the 7-day trial to determine if the Cloud Academy platform was right for him. But after realizing the full potential and career value of Cloud Academy, he decided to enroll.

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