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Kevin Epstein's story

Kevin Epstein
“Cloud Academy is by far the best overall platform with learning, testing and quizzing. The others have courses, but they don't offer the complete package. You guys definitely have more!”
Cloud Consulting Manager
Los Angeles, CA
Jan. 6, 2013

Who is Kevin?

Originally from South Africa, Kevin is currently working in Los Angeles as a cloud consulting manager at a company partnered with AWS.
With a background in UNIX and Linux based systems for most of his career, he recently became certified as an AWS Solutions Architect at both Associate and Professional levels, as well as AWS SysOps Administrator.
Very community involved with AWS, he runs an AWS user group in LA.

His experience on Cloud Academy

Having acquired his Cloud Computing skills and knowledge before joining Cloud Academy, his focus on the website has been exclusively on tests, quizzes, and certification materials so far.
After he has his three AWS certifications under his belt, however, he plans to dive into learning Azure on Cloud Academy. Kevin's AWS preparation has involved both the certification track and lots and lots of quizzes.

“The quizzes have been useful with their rapid-fire question and answer — and explanations. I really like the format that you have when an explanation has a source URL.
To me is really important to read the source documentation, I like you're doing it.
Add that in as much as you can!”

Kevin likes us and gives us suggestions too

Kevin likes most everything on Cloud Academy, including the full redesign of the site we did a few months back, but he also gave us some suggestion to make CloudRank easier to understand.
Very soon, ranking will be a clearer measurement and you will be able to see how you stack up against others on the site and in the field.
Kevin is so enthusiastic about Cloud Academy, in fact, that he is talking to us about ways he might contribute to our courses and questions, not as any kind of employee but just to be part of the community and the process.

“If there is a way to contribute to Cloud Academy, I would be interested.”
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