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Mohamed Hamed's story

Mohamed Hamed
“It is a terrific tool both for assessing my knowledge level and for raising it.”
Senior Software Engineer
Working in Cairo, Egypt and originally from Egypt
July 28, 2016

Who is Mohamed?

Mohamed is a Senior Software Development Engineer at SiliconExpert Technologies. He is passionate about building web products (PHP and Java) and has a solid knowledge of full stack web development and software design (LAMP, Tomcat and WebLogic). He is currently working on a project with Arrow Electronics, an e-commerce website that offers millions of parts with complete data and dozens of new productivity tools for buyers and engineers alike.

He already has the Solutions Architect (Associate Level) and the Certified SysOps (Associate Level) certifications. He is currently studying for the Solutions Architect (Professional Level).

Mohamed’s Cloud Academy Experience

Mohamed is studying for the Certified Developer (Associate Level) and Certified SysOps (Associate Level) certifications. In his search for an online training platform that could help him prepare for and pass his exams, he found Cloud Academy. He finds the Cloud Academy platform to be well structured, and he especially enjoys the real-world scenario exercises with labs,amazing quizzes and progress dashboards.

“It is a terrific tool both for assessing my knowledge level and for raising it.”

Mohamed strongly recommends Cloud Academy. He says, if you want to learn AWS professionally—and not only pass the exam—c Cloud Academy is the best solution, both in terms of solid AWS knowledge and in terms of the tools and methods that will help you easily pass your exams.

”The Cloud Academy blog keeps you updated on the latest news”

Cloud Academy has new content every month and the blog is always updated with the latest news. Mohamed noticed that when he searched for how to do something related to AWS on Google, he often found links back to the Cloud Academy blog talking containing the detailed information he was looking for. He also enjoys the support and information shared on the Cloud Academy community.

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