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Yad Faeq's story

Yad Faeq
“Cloud Academy represented my guide into Cloud Computing, coming from traditional technologies - as some of those “Rails for PHP developers” guides help you transition to a new programming language.”
Web Architect
San Mateo, CA
May 26, 2014

Who is Yad?

Originally from Kurdistan, Yad is a web architect, currently creating captivating top-notch products at Draper University in San Mateo - including online schools, streaming services and a lot of projects involving Cloud Technologies.
He has more than 5 years' experience in software development with state-of-the-art frameworks and technologies - such as Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, Django, Symfony, etc - and he's been deploying his latest projects on some of the most well-known Cloud platforms in the market: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and OpenStack.

“A lot of things are new, yet similar to the old ones, and there are very few limited resources to make the whole transition [to the Cloud] easier.
One of the good resources I've actually used has been Cloud Academy.”

His experience on Cloud Academy

Online education has been a crucial point of his personal and professional career. Especially during the transition to Cloud technologies, he found very few complete resources to make it easier for traditional developers and sysadmins.
The most important and focused tool on reaching his personal goal has been Cloud Academy.

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