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Bigtable is an internal Google database system that’s so revolutionary that it kickstarted the NoSQL industry. In the mid 2000’s, Google had a problem. The web indexes behind its search engine had become massive and it took a long time to keep rebuilding them. The company wanted to build a database that could deliver real-time access to petabytes of data. The result was Bigtable.

Google went on to use Bigtable to power many of its other core services, such as Gmail and Google Maps. Finally, in 2015, it made Cloud Bigtable available as a service that its customers could use for their own applications.

In this course, you will learn which of your applications could make use of Bigtable and how to take advantage of its high performance.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the best use cases for Bigtable
  • Describe Bigtable’s architecture and storage model
  • Optimize query performance through good schema design
  • Configure and monitor a Bigtable cluster
  • Send commands to Bigtable

Intended Audience

  • Data professionals
  • People studying for the Google Professional Data Engineer exam


What You’ll Learn

Introduction An introduction to the course
Best Uses for Bigtable Applications that work well with Bigtable
Architecture and Storage Model Overview of Bigtable’s architecture and how it stores data
Schema Design How to design a schema to optimize read and write performance
Cluster Configuration How to configure a cluster to provide good performance
Access Control How to assign roles to control access to Bigtable
Using Bigtable A hands-on demo of running a Hadoop job that outputs to Bigtable, as well as accessing data, monitoring performance, and pricing
Conclusion Review of key points


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