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Write for Cloud Academy

Want to write for the Cloud Academy blog? Are you a cloud or tech professional who loves to teach and share knowledge? Cloud Academy is a great place to start reaching hundreds of thousands of other professionals with your content!

We accept guest articles from professionals and subject-matter experts on a wide variety of topics related to cloud technology and programming. We’ve got high standards for our blog content, and we know writers who are up to the task are out there.

Why write for Cloud Academy?

Cloud Academy is one of the most influential and respected companies in the cloud and tech space. We work with thousands of large organizations worldwide so you’ll reach an audience of CTO, CIOs, executives, and tech professionals who are shaping the cloud and IT industry

What you’ll immediately get by contributing to our blog:

  • Exposure to a new audience (your articles will be distributed online through our social media channels and weekly newsletters)
  • High visibility for your own personal brand within the industry – most of our blog posts rank at the top of Google for extremely high-searched industry terms

And that’s not all.

After an initial period, if our collaboration becomes continuous and acceptable for both of us, you will have the opportunity to be included in an incentive-based rewarding program based on the quality of the content that you create for us.

What should the topics be?

Cloud Academy’s blog is about helping people to learn more about cloud technologies and achieve better results in their professional life. Our blog posts are intended to be deep dives into cloud and programming-related areas.

Sample topics our readers appreciate:

  • How to learn cloud computing technologies and programming languages
  • How to get professional certifications in the tech industry
  • What specific skills are required for cloud & IT related jobs

Sample articles that work:

We’ve already determined a number of topics that we want to have covered. The first batch of these are related to Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, DevOps, programming languages (Python, Java, etc.), cloud certifications, and much more.

How do I get started?

  1. Fill out the form below with your data. Please include a recent sample of articles or blog posts you have written.
  2. If your application has been selected, we will get back to you in 24-48 hours and share the Cloud Academy blog operational details and editorial guidelines. These will get you ready to start working with us.
  3. After an initial period, you will have the opportunity to join the exclusive Cloud Academy’s Content Community Program, a commission-based reward program through which you will be able to monetize your commitment and experience.

What do you think? Sounds interesting?

Fill out the form and apply to guest write on Cloud Academy’s blog!