Cloud Academy Hands-on Lab Challenges

Feeling up for a challenge? Prove it.


For a limited time, five Hands-on Lab Challenges await you. Test your skills on AWS, Azure, and Python. Beginner and advanced levels — pick yours and give it a try!

How do these challenges work?

Between now and December 15, 2019, you will just need to start a Free Trial to take these Lab Challenges.

Don’t miss this chance to push your skills to the next level in an environment where full and complete instructions are not included. This means you can demonstrate your cloud computing problem-solving skills on AWS, Azure, and Python. You can check the status of your work by running checks that inspect the state of your Lab environment.

If you feel you need more practice before taking the actual challenge, you can always take the guided version. (A paid Cloud Academy subscription is required for Hands-on Labs with guidance).

Amazon VPC Lab Challenge

Configure Azure Virtual Networks Challenge (Beginner)

Introduction to Python Challenge (Beginner)

Python for Beginners Challenge (Beginner)

Code Red: Repair an AWS Environment with a Linux Bastion Host (Advanced)

AWS Developer Tools Challenge (Advanced)