What Is Cloud Academy?

We are your Cloud computing training partners.
Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), DevOps technologies, Docker and more. Cloud Academy exists to teach you those skills.

$200 billion

Cloud Computing
Global Market

How it works

80% of software developed in
the US is deployed on Cloud platforms

More than 40% of the world's largest enterprises consider the lack of skilled (Linux-based) Cloud computing talent their biggest worry.
The knowledge represented by a credible Cloud computing certification is more attractive than ever.

CloudAcademy.com guides your learning entirely online, with direct access to all the real-world tools you'll need built into our plans.
With our courses, quizzes, and labs it's easy to get where you want to be - whether you're just starting out, or have been at it for years.
With more than 8000+ questions, 350+ videos and new content added each week, we are the big box superstore for Cloud Professionals.

How it Works
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Learn Cloud Computing

Discover new video courses every week across the whole range of Cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services.

Stay on top of a rapidly changing industry through our growing library of video courses on AWS, Google Cloud Platform and other platforms. Our courses are designed by certified Cloud computing and infrastructure experts with years of teaching experience. Learn at your own pace. View each video lecture whenever it works best for you.
More than one thousand customers are using our courses to prepare for AWS Certifications, upgrade their jobs or simply improve their skills.

Learn Cloud computing

Test your Cloud Skills

We use adaptive learning technology with 8000+ questions, each followed by comprehensive explanations to test your skills on every Cloud platform AND to help you through any weak spots.

IT professionals and companies use our quizzes in an ongoing way to assess and improve real-world skills. With more than 8000 quizzes, direct links to official documentation and a flexible interface, anyone can reach their goals. Our members have completed more than 1 million questions so far.
Our adaptive learning technology means that every answer changes both your Cloud Rank and the difficulty level of subsequent questions.

Test your Cloud skills

Hands-on Labs for AWS

Get real experience. Learn directly in the AWS Console through both supervised and unsupervised labs, using our proprietary technology.

Learn Amazon Web Services in your browser by practicing with our labs. You're given specific tasks to perform on an actual AWS console and you'll be helped along with step by step guidance. This is a perfect way to learn and test your skills in a real working environment. You don't even have to use your personal AWS account: we give you everything you'll need.
New labs are coming online each week.

Hands-on labs for AWS

Prep for AWS Certifications

Join more than a thousand members who have already used our AWS quizzes to prepare for their exams.

Use our focused certification-prep tests to study and test your readiness for AWS Certifications - all of them!
Each quiz contains a curated set of scenario-based questions and explanations, prepared by a team of Cloud experts.
AWS Certifications prep is included in our PRO plan.
85% of our members have successfully passed their exams.

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Enterprise Cloud Training

Boost your company's Cloud skills and help your team earn certifications.

Our Management Dashboard provides statistics and reports to help you monitor both individual and team progress, while each team member can study at her own pace, without limits.
You will stay on top of developing trends and technologies, learn faster and better, invest directly in your team and save money on external consulting.

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Community and Support

Get support from real Cloud experts contact us here or visit support.cloudacademy.com.

Join an active community of IT professionals through our online community. Stuck? Get help. Need a suggestion or just want to trade experiences with other IT professionals? Your colleagues are waiting to hear from you.

Community and Support