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Lab Steps

Lab Brief
Level 1: Storing Application Code in AWS CodeCommit
Level 2: Building a Deployment Pipeline with AWS Code Services
Level 3: Recovering From Failed Deployments with Automatic Rollbacks
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About Lab Challenges

Lab challenges are hands-on labs with the gloves off. You jump into an auto-provisioned cloud environment and are given a goal to accomplish. No instructions, no hints. To pass, you'll have a limited time to demonstrate your problem-solving skills and get the checks that inspect the state of your lab environment.

Challenge Description

Demonstrate your knowledge of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment by configuring a CICD pipeline using AWS Developer Tools in this hands-on lab assessment.

This hands-on lab assessment will test your practical ability to modify a solution in a production-like AWS environment. You will be presented with a task and set of requirements you must fulfill to pass the assessment.

You will be presented with a set of tasks organized into three increasingly difficult levels: Beginner (1), Intermediate (2), and Advanced (3).

This is a real environment, which means you can prove your knowledge in an applied way, substituting multiple choice questions for a dynamic performance-based exam situation.

Level 1

  • Creating an AWS CodeCommit repository
  • Generating HTTPS Git credentials for CodeCommit
  • Committing and pushing changes to a CodeCommit repository

Level 2

  • Creating an AWS CodeBuild project
  • Creating an AWS CodeDeploy application and deployment group
  • Creating an AWS CodePipeline deployment pipeline
  • Deploying an application to the resource in the production environment

Level 3

  • Configuring automatic rollbacks for failed deployments
  • Submitting a breaking change to trigger an automatic rollback

What will be assessed

  • AWS CodeCommit
  • AWS CodeBuild
  • AWS CodeDeploy
  • AWS CodePipeline

Intended audience

  • DevOps Engineers
  • Cloud Architects
  • Software Engineers


  • Continuous Integration and Deployment with AWS Code Services
  • Introduction to AWS CodeCommit
  • Working with AWS CodeBuild
  • Working with AWS CodeDeploy
  • Working with AWS CodePipeline
About the Author
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Jun is a Cloud Labs Developer with previous experience as a Software Engineer and Cloud Developer. He holds the AWS Certified Solutions Architect and DevOps Engineer Professional certifications. He also holds the AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Developer, and SysOps Administrator Associate certifications. 

Jun is focused on giving back to the growing cloud community by sharing his knowledge and experience with students and creating engaging content.