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Machine Learning Python Challenge: Regression

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Machine Learning Challenge: Regression

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Time Limit

1h 30m



About Lab Challenges

Lab challenges are hands-on labs with the gloves off. You jump into an auto-provisioned cloud environment and are given a goal to accomplish. No instructions, no hints. To pass, you'll have a limited time to demonstrate your problem-solving skills and get the checks that inspect the state of your lab environment.

Challenge Description

In this lab challenge, you will be tested on your scikit-learn skills to build a machine learning pipeline to predict the price of a stock. Here, you will be tested on data preprocessing, fitting, and evaluation of the regression model. 

To get the most from this lab, it is recommended to have confidence and exposure to at least the following libraries: pandas, matplotlib and scikit-learn.

You are strongly encourage to have completed the following courses, available in our content library:

as well as the following lab:

before starting this challenge.


September 20th, 2021 - Updated Python libraries to resolve an issue using the Yahoo APIs

What will be assessed

  • Your ability to create a machine learning pipeline
  • Your ability to fit a linear regression model
  • Your ability to evaluate a fitted model

Intended audience

  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • Data scientists


  • Knowledge of regression: Completion of the Building a Machine Learning pipeline with scikit-learn: part 02 course is highly recommended
  • Knowledge of preprocessing: Completion of the Building a Machine Learning pipeline with scikit-learn: part 01 course is highly recommended
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He holds a PhD in Statistics, and he has published in several peer-reviewed academic journals. He is also the author of the book Applied Machine Learning with Python.