Lab Steps

Signing In to the Google Cloud Console
Defining an Instance Group for the Compute Engine Instances
Allowing Traffic to the Compute Engine Instances
Creating a Load Balancer for the Instance Group
Testing the Functionality of the Load Balancer
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Here you can find the instructions for this specific Lab Step.

If you are ready for a real environment experience please start the Lab. Keep in mind that you'll need to start from the first step.


In this lab step, you will test that the load balancer you configured correctly handles the internet traffic.



1. Navigate to the load balancer dashboard and click on the load balancer you created in the previous step.


2. You will be displayed the information about the load balancer:



3. Copy the IP address under the Frontend section:



4. Paste the IP address in a new web browser page and you will reach the website hosted on both the instances:


Note: Because the load balancer is responsible for handling the traffic, you don't know which is the instance that served your HTTP request.

Warning: If you reach a 404 error page, just wait up to 5 minutes to let the load balancer perform all the operations for associating with the backend service.



In this lab step, you tested that the load balancer you configured correctly handled the internet traffic.