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A dbt profile is an essential component in order to let dbt communicate with the target database. Because you should need more than one connection, dbt allows you to define multiple profiles.

In this lab step, you will configure a dbt profile pointing to the PostgreSQL database hosted in the lab environment.



1. Click on the Explore icon to reach the folder containing the dbt project files under the PROJECT drop-down:


A dbt project named ca_dbt_project has been already created in the lab environment.


2. Create a new file named profiles.yml into the ca_dbt_project folder by right-clicking on the folder name, and clicking on New File:



3. Enter the following YML snippet in the profiles.yml file you just created in order to create the ca_dbt_project profile:

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  target: ca_dbt_project
      type: postgres
      host: localhost
      user: postgres
      password: postgres
      port: 5432
      database: ca_dbt
      schema: dbt_outputs
      threads: 4

The ca_dbt_project profile points to the PostgreSQL database hosted on the local environment of the lab. The username used to establish the connection is postgres, and the password is postgres too. The port used is 5432, the connection points to the ca_dbt database, and the default schema where dbt stores the results is dbt_outputs.

Follow this link in order to have a deeper overview of the profile file configuration.


4. Save the changes by pressing CTRL + S (Windows users) or CMD + S (macOS users), or alternatively you can click on File -> Save button:




In this lab step, you configured a dbt profile pointing to the PostgreSQL database hosted in the lab environment.

Validation checks
Defined the dbt Profile

Check whether the dbt profile has been defined.

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