Connecting to the Virtual Machine with a Browser-Based SSH Connection

Lab Steps

Signing In to the Google Cloud Console
Connecting to the Virtual Machine with a Browser-Based SSH Connection
Authenticating gcloud in the Lab's Virtual Machine
Generating SSH Keys for the Virtual Machine
Attaching the Public Key to the VM Instance
Connecting to the VM Instance Using the Custom SSH Key
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In this lab step, you will establish an SSH connection to the instance using SSH from the Browser.



1. Navigate to the Compute Engine by entering Compute in the search bar and clicking the Compute Engine result:

You are taken to the VM instances table and the ca-lab-vm-ssh-instance instance created by the Cloud Academy Lab environment is listed.


2. Click the down arrow in the Connect section and click on Open in browser window:

Alternatively, you can directly click SSH.

3. Click Connect when a new browser window opens and prompts:

Progress is then reported:

GCP automatically creates SSH keys for you and transfers them to the VM. The keys also automatically expire after several hours.



In this lab step, you have established an SSH connection to the virtual machine in your Google Cloud environment.