Lab Steps

Signing In to the Google Cloud Console
Creating a Google Virtual Private Cloud
Creating Two Subnets Inside the Virtual Private Cloud
Creating the Two Firewall Rules
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The Google Cloud Console lets you manage all of your resources in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) from a web browser. Although there are other ways to manage resources in GCP, such as the application programming interface (API) and the gcloud command-line interface (CLI), the Cloud Console is the simplest place to start. The following is a screenshot of the Cloud Console:


When you start a lab in the Cloud Academy platform, an environment is created for you with the following account credentials:

  • Email: 
  • Password:  

The Credentials section also contains the credentials for your reference, and they can be located at any time by scrolling to the upper-left corner of a lab step:




1. Open a private/incognito mode web browser tab.

To avoid conflicts with other Google accounts you may already be signed into, it is highly recommended to complete the lab in a private/incognito mode.


2. To access the lab’s cloud environment, right-click on the following button and open a private/incognito web browser tab:

The Sign-in page for the Google Cloud Console opens.

If you are already signed into a Google account, you must click the account icon in the upper-right corner and select Add account to use the lab account:


Then click Use another account to proceed to sign in with the lab account as per the following instructions:


You must use the Cloud Academy lab student account configured for you.


3. Copy the student Email  and paste it into the Email or phone field of the GCP Sign in page:



4. Click Next.


5. Copy the Password  and paste it into the Enter your password field:



6. Click Next.


7. If prompted to Verify it's you, choose Confirm your recovery email and enter the following email address:



8. If prompted for Employee ID, enter the Employee ID in the Credentials section of this lab.


9. You may be presented with a Welcome to your new account pop-up. Click Accept to proceed:



10. If prompted with this subsequent welcome screen, select the check box below Terms of Service to agree and click AGREE AND CONTINUE:



11. You are now signed into the Google Cloud Console and seeing the Home view:


The navigation panel on the left can be accessed by clicking the accordion in the upper-left corner. From there you can navigate to the Console view for any GCP resource type. The Home view DASHBOARD is made up of several cards. Some cards may display warnings about insufficient permissions or access - that is OK. The lab environment and account permissions are specific to the lab you started. You have all the permissions you need to complete the lab.



You have used a Cloud Academy student lab account to sign in to the Cloud Console.