Creating a Folder inside an S3 Bucket

Lab Steps

Logging in to the Amazon Web Services Console
Creating an S3 Bucket
Creating a Folder inside an S3 Bucket
Uploading a File to S3
Granting Public Access to an S3 Object
Changing Metadata of an S3 Object
Deleting an S3 Bucket
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The AWS S3 console allows you to create folders for grouping objects. This can be a very helpful organizational tool. However, in Amazon S3, buckets and objects are the primary resources. A folder simply becomes a prefix for object key names that are virtually archived into it.



1. Select the calabs-bucket you created earlier. (Reminder: Your bucket name will differ slightly.)


2. Click Create Folder:


  • Enter cloudfolder in the Folder name field
  • Click Create folder when ready

The folder is created inside your S3 bucket:



In this Lab Step you created a folder that can help with organizing objects within an S3 bucket.  A folder within a bucket can be helpful programmatically as well. For example, you can configure your application to output certain file types (such as PNG) to a specific folder name (image-output).