Lab Steps

Logging in to the Amazon Web Services Console
Creating an S3 Bucket
Creating a Folder inside an S3 Bucket
Uploading a File to S3
Granting Public Access to an S3 Object
Changing Metadata of an S3 Object
Deleting an S3 Bucket
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When you upload a folder from your local system or another machine, Amazon S3 uploads all the of files and subfolders from the specified folder to your bucket. It then assigns a key value that is a combination of the uploaded file name and the folder name. In this Lab Step you will upload a file to your bucket. The process is similar for uploading a single file, multiple files, or a folder with files in it.

In order to complete this Lab Step, you have to upload the cloudacademy-logo.png file from your local file storage into an S3 folder you created earlier. Download the Cloud Academy logo from the following location: (If the image is not downloaded for you, simply right-click the image and select Save image as to download it to your local file system.)



1. Click on the cloudfolder folder. You are placed within the empty folder in your S3 bucket.

Note: Click the folder name itself, not the checkbox for the folder name. If you select the folder checkbox then upload a file, it will be placed above the folder (not inside it).


2. Click the Upload button.


3. Click Add Files. Browse to and select the local copy of cloudacademy-logo.png file that you downloaded earlier:


The logo is added to the list of files that are ready to upload. You have several options at this point:

  • Add more files
  • Upload

However, there is another method that some users prefer to add files for upload.


4. Check the file and click on Remove.


5. This time, rather than browsing to a file, drag and drop the logo file onto the wizard. The wizard adds it to the list of files to upload.


6. Click Upload to upload the file. It is placed in the folder in your bucket:




In this Lab Step, you learned two ways to upload files to S3. 

Validation checks
Uploaded File to S3

Check if a file has been uploaded to the S3 bucket

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)