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Lab Steps

SIgning in to the Dialogflow Console
Creating an Intent in Dialogflow
Creating a custom Entity
Finalizing Your Intent
Capturing Additional Training Phrases
Setting up a Response
Trying Out Your Bot
Sneaking a Peak at the API
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Here you can find the instructions for this specific Lab Step.

If you are ready for a real environment experience please start the Lab. Keep in mind that you'll need to start from the first step.


With the custom entity configured you now need to finalize the intent’s training phrase. You will need to update the misidentified account number to be correctly identified. This will involve changing the parameter’s entity type and expanding the capture group.


  1. Click Intents on the left side of the screen.

  2. Click on the text of the intent check_account_balance.

    Clicking on the left of the intent will open up the bulk action options used to copy and delete intents in bulk. You should instead be selecting the text directly.

  3. Click on the highlighted text to activate the entity-type dropdown.


    You will need to change this to the account_number entity type.

  4. Find and click on @account_number:account_number from the list.

    Ideally, this will select the whole range as the account number but you need to ensure that you have captured the letter on the end as well, which does not always automatically get pulled in.

  5. Hover over the highlighted text and click-and-drag the blue line over the letter at the end of the account number.

    Note: The little blue bulb at the end of the line is the easiest to click although this blue bulb may not appear on all browsers.


  6. Validate that the Resolved Value is equal to 32460a

  7. Click Save.


In this lab step, you finalized the creation of your first Intent. You are now able to detect what a user is asking for and parse key variables.