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Logging in to the Microsoft Azure Portal
Starting an Azure Cloud Shell
Deploying a Web App with Azure Resource Manager
Customizing an Azure Resource Manager Template
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 Azure Cloud Shell is a shell that runs in your web browser. Cloud Shell comes with several tools installed that are useful for managing resources in Azure, such as the Azure CLI. You can choose between a Linux-style Bash shell or a PowerShell experience. You can switch between the two shell experiences at any time. Cloud Shell is backed by an Azure file share that persists a clouddrive home directory. The shell runs on a temporary host that is free to use. You only pay for the required file share storage.

Some points worth noting are:

  • You are a regular user without the ability to obtain root/administrator privileges. 
  • The cloud shell will timeout after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Neither of these limitations will be an issue for this Lab. In this Lab Step, you will start a Bash Cloud Shell using an existing storage account.



1. Click on the >_ Cloud Shell icon in the menu bar of the Azure Portal Dashboard:


This will open a Cloud Shell console at the bottom of your browser window.


2. Select Bash for your shell experience:



3. Click on Show advanced settings to configure the shell to use existing storage resources:



4. Set the following values in the Cloud Shell storage configuration form, and then click Create storage:

  • Subscription: Leave the default value
  • Cloud Shell region: Choose the region (The Cloud Academy Lab environment created a storage account for you in this region.)
  • Resource group: Choose Use existing. Select the resource group beginning with cal-
  • Storage account: Choose Use existing. Select the only storage account available or the one beginning with cacloudshell if there are multiple
  • File share: Choose Create new. Enter cloudshell for the name of the file share


Warning: Make sure to select the region described in the instructions. The image above is only demonstrative.

Warning: If you still can't reach the storage account, make sure the deployment reached 100%. You can check it under Resource groups -> ca-lab-### -> Deployments.

The file share creation should complete within a few seconds, and your Cloud Shell will display progress as it initializes.


5. Wait until you see the prompt ending with indicating your Cloud Shell is ready to use:




In this Lab Step, you started a Cloud Shell from the Azure Portal. You configured the shell to use an existing storage account and created a new file share in the storage account to persist your clouddrive home directory.

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