Machine Learning Challenge: Regression

Lab Steps

Machine Learning Challenge: Regression
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Here you can find the instructions for this specific Lab Step.

If you are ready for a real environment experience please start the Lab. Keep in mind that you'll need to start from the first step.

Your Mission

You must complete several tasks while working through a Jupyter notebook. Each task is outlined at the appropriate point within the notebook.

The following instructions prepare you to work through the lab's notebook.



1. To start the lab experience you'll need to move on to the Validation Steps section, by clicking the Go to Validation Steps button, where you'll find the Jupyter frame.


2. In the Jupyter Files tab that appears, click 01-Regression-stock-student.ipynb.

This opens the lab's Jupyter notebook in a new tab.


3. When you are ready to check your work, click alt to check your solution.

Validation checks
Data Preparation

This check confirms the START_DATE and the END_DATE are set correctly in the 1. Data Preparation section.

Machine Learning
Compute the Log Returns

This check confirms the log returns are computed correctly in the 2.1 Daily Returns section.

Machine Learning
Imputed Data

This check confirms the required imputation is performed correctly in the 2.2 Daily Returns section.

Machine Learning
Scaling Data

This check confirms the data is scaled correctly in the 3.1 Scaling Data section.

Machine Learning
Linear Regression

This check confirms the linear regression is performed correctly in the 4.1 Linear Regression section.

Machine Learning
Model Performance

This check confirms the model performance is correct in the 4.1 Linear Regression section.

Machine Learning
Ridge Regression

This check confirms the ridge regression is performed correctly in the 4.2 Ridge Regression section.

Machine Learning
Model Tuning: Grid Search Cross validation

This check confirms the model tuing is performed correctly in the 4.3 Model Tuning: Grid Search Cross validation section.

Machine Learning