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This PowerShell playground lab provides you with a browser-based integrated development environment (IDE). The playground has an integrated PowerShell terminal and file editor with syntax highlighting for PowerShell files (.ps1 file extension). The playground runs on a Linux host so you should avoid Windows-specific PowerShell cmdlets or modules and focus on cross-platform PowerShell cmdlets and modules in addition to the PowerShell language itself.

The following instructions prepare you to connect to the playground IDE. Once connected you can explore, test, build, and play with PowerShell until the lab time expires.



1. To open the lab IDE, wait for the setup to complete in the top-left corner of the lab, then click Open Development Env.:



2. Click the Terminal menu and choose New Terminal:


A PowerShell terminal will appear.


3. Input the following command to display the installed version of PowerShell:

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You can now play with PowerShell in the playground!


Suggested Activities 

  • Read and try out topics explained in the about topics pages. For example, learn about pipelines or splatting.
  • Practice installing and using modules. Remember to limit yourself to using modules supporting Linux in the playground. You can search the PowerShell Gallery for modules. As an example, you can install the Azure Compute module with Install-Module -Name Az.Compute
  • Learn PowerShell by answering questions with PowerShell using the PSKoans module. Run the following commands and read the brief primer to start your journey:
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    Install-Module PSKoans -Scope CurrentUser