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Your Mission

You must complete the Python code in this challenge. You are provided with a file that explains the code you must write. Unit tests are included for you to validate your work before submitting your code for checking.

The following instructions prepare you for working with the embedded IDE that contains the code that you must complete.



1. The in-browser development environment is starting up while you see Setup in progress on the Validation Steps tab.

It takes approximately 1 minute for the development environment to startup at which point you can begin writing code in the IDE.


2. Once the IDE setup is complete, right-click the file in the left EXPLORER tab and click Open With > Preview to view the README:


Read through the README to understand the challenge. You must complete the code in the .py file. The tests are in the file.

Note: You can maximize the IDE by clicking alt in the upper-right corner of this lab. 


3. Click the Go to Validation Steps button below to perform the tasks and complete the challenge. When you are ready, click alt to check your solution.


  • Do not change the code in other files or you may experience unexpected check behavior.
  • Open a terminal by clicking Terminal New Terminal.
Validation checks
Python Challenge

Check that the source code passes all the tests.