Lab Steps

Logging In to the Amazon Web Services Console
Starting a Managed Apache Flink Studio Notebook Application
Connecting to the Virtual Machine using EC2 Instance Connect
Simulating a Real-Time Clickstream
Sessionizing the Clickstream Data using Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink
Storing Sessions in an Amazon DynamoDB Table with AWS Lambda
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Here you can find the instructions for this specific Lab Step.

If you are ready for a real environment experience please start the Lab. Keep in mind that you'll need to start from the first step.


This lab experience involves Amazon Web Services (AWS), and you will use the AWS Management Console to complete all the lab steps.


The AWS Management Console is a web control panel for managing all your AWS resources, from EC2 instances to SNS topics. The console enables cloud management for all aspects of the AWS account, including managing security credentials and even setting up new IAM Users.



1. Click the following button to access the lab’s cloud environment:


2. Enter the following credentials created just for your lab session, and click Sign in:

  • Account ID or alias
  • IAM user name
  • Password:


3. Select the US West (Oregon) us-west-2 region using the upper-right drop-down menu on the AWS Management Console:


Amazon Web Services is available in different regions all over the world, and the console lets you provision resources across multiple regions. You usually choose a region that best suits your business needs to optimize your customer’s experience, but you must use the  for this Lab.


Recommendation: For an optimal lab experience, ensure that you are using a supported browser when accessing the AWS Management Console. For example, an up-to-date version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.