Connecting to the dbt Web IDE

Lab Steps

Understanding What Are dbt Jinja Macros
Connecting to the dbt Web IDE
Defining a Custom dbt Macro
Creating a Model Leveraging dbt Macros
Executing the dbt Model
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This dbt lab provides you with a web browser integrated development environment (IDE). The host has dbt, PostgreSQL, as well as common development tools such as git installed and ready for you to play with.

The following instructions allow you to connect to the in-browser dbt IDE. Once connected you can explore, test, build, and play with dbt until the lab time expires.



1. Once fully provisioned, click the following button to open the lab’s cloud environment:

Note: It takes approximately 1 minute for the development environment to startup.


2. The web-based dbt IDE will be presented as a similar IDE to Visual Studio Code.




In this lab step, you used your local browser to navigate to the web-based dbt IDE.