Reviewing Azure Storage Concepts with the Azure Portal

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Logging in to the Microsoft Azure Portal
Storing Blob Data in Azure
Reviewing File Storage in Azure
Reviewing Disk Storage in Azure
Reviewing Azure Storage Concepts with the Azure Portal
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The Azure Portal provides a lot of useful information about storage if you know where to look. This Lab Step illustrates how you can use the Portal to better understand topics, with a focus on storage accounts in this Lab Step.

In this section we will be reviewing the storage account features but this section will not allow you to create the storage account.


1. Enter storage account in the portal's search bar and click on the Storage accounts service:


2. Click + Create to start creating a storage account.


3. In the Create storage account blade you can see all the available options for configuring storage accounts:

In this section, you will be only reviewing the configuration of storage account, but you will not be able to create it. It is only for reviewing purpose.


Basics : All the basic features can be configured here.

Subscription : The default subscription for this lab is limited to only one subscription and it will be pre populated.

Resource Group: The default resource group for this lab is pre populated.

Region: you can see the list of dropdown of available regions.


There are also useful descriptions in the text as well as when you hover your mouse over an infotip icon  :

4. After you review the storage account properties, close the create a storage account blade by using the X button as shown in the following screen. It will be displayed on the right corner in that section.




In this Lab Step, you saw how to leverage the Portal to review concepts related to Azure storage. The same technique of opening the creation blade can help you learn and remember salient aspects of any type of resource.