Becoming an AWS Cloud Architect — Proficient

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If you've already got a good understanding of the AWS platform and wish to move into the job role of cloud architect, then this is the right place for you. Here we build upon the topics already covered in the Starter and Intermediate training plans, so check those out if you haven't already. The pre-assessment at the beginning of this learning path will also help you to understand where you stand in terms of ability.

We kick things off by looking at cloud security, covering KMS key encryption, AWS CloudHSM, and secrets manager — three services that will help you secure your AWS infrastructure. After that, we cover the serverless compute offerings of Elastic Beanstalk, VMware, and AWS Lambda.

You'll build upon your existing knowledge of Amazon S3 by looking at encryption, cost optimization, and data analytics within the service. We'll also look at automating database deployments, high availability in Amazon Aurora, using Secrets Manager to store RDS credentials, and logging data and querying in non-relational database services.

We'll show you how to migrate from an existing data center to AWS, before moving on to look at networking and logging. To round off this learning path, you will have a go at using several developer tools in a live AWS environment in order to troubleshoot and make updates to a pre-existing continuous deployment stack.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to use a variety of AWS services to secure your cloud infrastructure
  • Enhance your knowledge of AWS serverless and compute services including Elastic Beanstalk, VMware, and AWS Lambda
  • Learn advanced Amazon S3 skills relating to encryption, cost-efficiency, and data analytics
  • Enhance your knowledge of both relational and non-relational database services in AWS
  • Learn how to migrate from an existing data center to AWS
  • Enhance your knowledge of networking and VPCs, as well as monitoring and logging in AWS

Intended Audience

This learning path is intended for anyone looking to build cloud solutions on AWS and take the first step in their career as a cloud architect.


To get the most out of this learning path, you should have a solid understanding of the main components of AWS and how to build cloud solutions on the platform. If you haven't already done so, we recommend taking the Starter and Intermediate AWS Cloud Architect learning paths before taking this one.


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Training Content

Course - Intermediate - 1h 10m
How to Use KMS Key Encryption to Protect Your Data
In this course, you will learn the basics of KMS, what it will cost to implement, how to encrypt data, and more...
Hands-on Lab - Intermediate - 2h
Using Amazon Key Management Service to Encrypt S3 and EBS Data
In this lab, you'll learn about Amazon Key Management Service to encrypt S3 and EBS Data at an intermediate level. Get started today!
Course - Intermediate - 33m
Manage Your Own Encryption Keys Using AWS CloudHSM
This course gets you started with AWS CloudHSM by giving you an overview of the basics of the service, what it is, and its use cases.
Course - Intermediate - 13m
Sharing Secrets Between Multiple Accounts Using AWS Secrets Manager
This course explains how to share secrets between different AWS accounts through the use of resource-based policies and AWS Secrets Manager.
Hands-on Lab - Beginner - 1h 45m
Storing and Rotating RDS Credentials in Secrets Manager
Learn how to use AWS SecretsManager and Amazon Relational Database Service to generate, store, and rotate a password in Secrets Manager. Use Secrets Manager with a Python application.
Course - Beginner - 45m
Deployment Orchestration with AWS Elastic Beanstalk
This course covers AWS Elastic Beanstalk, its uses, how it's configured and the various monitoring options available.
Course - Beginner - 1h 6m
Introduction to VMware Cloud on AWS
This course takes an introductory look at VMware Cloud on AWS, providing an overview of what it is, how it can benefit your business, its underlying architecture, its integration with AWS and its service, and much more.
Course - Beginner - 51m
Understanding AWS Lambda to Run & Scale Your Code
This course on AWS Lambda shows you how to implement solutions and applications using a serverless architecture.
Exam - 15m
Knowledge Check: Understanding AWS Lambda
Knowledge Check: Understanding AWS Lambda
Course - Intermediate - 22m
Amazon S3: Data Replication and Bucket Key Encryption
This course explores two different Amazon S3 features: the replication of data between buckets and bucket key encryption when working with SSE-KMS to protect your data.
Hands-on Lab - Beginner - 45m
Encrypting S3 Objects Using SSE-KMS
This lab explores how to encrypting S3 objects in AWS using SSE-KMS.
Hands-on Lab - Beginner - 1h 15m
Efficiently Storing Data in S3 for Data Analytics Solutions
Learn how to store data in Amazon S3 for use with Data Analytics services including Redshift and Athena. Learn how to structure analytic data to maximize performance and minimize costs.
Hands-on Lab - Beginner - 45m
Implementing Exponential Backoff When Accessing Amazon S3
In this hands-on lab, you will see what happens when Amazon S3 issues error responses due to high request volumes, and you will learn how to handle this situation so your solutions continue to perform.
Resource - Not defined - 46m
Webinar | AWS Cost Savings: Ending Decision Paralysis When Trying to Optimize Spend with Reserved Instances and Savings Plans
Discover how to ace the planning and procurement of reserved cloud capacity, so you can successfully optimize your AWS spend.
Course - Intermediate - 10m
Using Automation to Deploy AWS Databases
This course explores how to use automation when creating Amazon RDS databases. It includes using AWS Secrets Manager for increasing the security of provisioned resources by limiting human intervention.
Course - Intermediate - 34m
Amazon Aurora High Availability
This course explores the various configuration options and techniques that you can use to create highly available Amazon Aurora databases.
Hands-on Lab - Beginner - 1h 30m
Collecting Log Data with Kinesis Agent and Querying with Amazon Athena
Learn how to use the Amazon Kinesis Agent application to collect log files and learn how to use AWS Glue and Amazon Athena to query the log data.
Course - Intermediate - 1h 7m
Migrating to AWS From an End-of-Life Data Center
This course is a "live" scenario discussion where the Cloud Academy team tackle a migration project.
Course - Advanced - 1h 6m
Amazon VPC IPSec VPNs- Understanding, Building and Configuring
In this course, you'll be introduced to the IPsec security protocol and understand what it is and why and where it is useful.
Hands-on Lab - Advanced - 2h 15m
VPN Connections with an Amazon VPC Using Dynamic Routing
Set Up VPN Connections with an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud using dynamic routing (BGP), and manage traffic using multi-homed routers
Hands-on Lab Challenge - Advanced - 1h 15m
Code Red: Repair an AWS Environment with a Linux Bastion Host
In this lab, you will be assessing your ability to troubleshoot AWS networking and security issues in a production-like environment.
Hands-on Lab Challenge - Beginner - 1h
Amazon SNS Image Resizing Challenge
Put your Amazon SNS, AWS Lambda, and Amazon S3 skills to test in this challenge as you're tasked with creating an image resizing solution.
Course - Advanced - 1h 4m
How to Implement & Enable Logging Across AWS Services (Part 1 of 2)
In this course, you'll learn how to implement logging and monitoring across AWS Services including Amazon CloudWatch, CloudWatch Monitoring Agent, AWS CloudTrail Logs, and Amazon S3 Access Logs.
Course - Advanced - 1h 4m
How to Implement & Enable Logging Across AWS Services (Part 2 of 2)
In this course, you'll learn how to implement logging and monitoring across AWS Services including Amazon CloudWatch, CloudWatch Monitoring Agent, AWS CloudTrail Logs, and Amazon S3 Access Logs.
Hands-on Lab Challenge - Advanced - 1h 30m
AWS Developer Tools Challenge
In this lab challenge, you'll need to complete several tasks using an existing continuous deployment stack built on AWS Developer Tools.
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