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Scenario: Selecting a Cloud Platform and Designing a Highly Available Business Solution
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Cloud projects often require you to be able to evaluate requirements, define priorities, and use your knowledge of the cloud services to come up with recommendations and designs that can best meet customers' requirements.

In this learning path, we work through a business scenario from start to finish that will help you learn how to approach and solve a business problem with a cloud solution. The Cloud Academy AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform teams tackle a customer brief to help you learn how it is done.

The scenario requires us to build a highly available campaign site for an online competition run by loungebeer.com - a craft beer brand launching a new product into the market at the Superbowl. While loungebeer and the campaign are fictitious, we treat them as a real project to help demonstrate to you how you might go about delivering a cloud solution in a similar situation.

In a series of interactive discussions, we join the team as they evaluate the business requirements, define the project constraints, and agree on the scope and deliverables for the solution. We then work through the technical requirements we will use to evaluate how each of the three cloud platforms - Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and Microsoft Azure - could be used to meet the technical requirements.

We follow each of the platform teams as they define solution architectures for Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. We then regroup to run a feature and price comparison before the team builds a proof of concept for our solution design.

Learning Objectives

This scenario lets you see how cloud professionals tackle and solve a business problem with each of the three cloud platforms. This scenario will prepare you for:

  • Thinking and reacting in live situations
  • Prioritizing technical requirements
  • Discussing and evaluating design ideas
  • Designing a solution on AWS, GCP, and Azure
  • Evaluating design ideas against business requirements

Intended Audience

This scenario is highly recommended for anyone working as a cloud architect, specialist, or consultant.


No prerequisites for this learning path, but this scenario is designed to help you learn how to apply cloud skills in live situations, so we recommend completing all the labs.


We encourage you to send us your design so we can help you define your own solution design to the requirements. Contact us at support@cloudacademy.com.

Learning Path Includes

Over 3 video courses, 2 hands-on labs, and a quiz session.


  • June 13, 2018 - Added learning path exam
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