DevOps Engineer – Professional Certification Preparation for AWS

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The DevOps Engineer Professional Learning Path comprises over 32 hours of interactive content featuring 16 video courses, and 11 hands on labs to help you build the indepth knowledge of the DevOps concepts and techniques required to master this professional certification. Content in this learning path includes:

Networking, Security and Deployment

  • Understanding AWS Authentication, Authorization and Accounting 
  • AWS security best practices - abstract and container services
  • Advanced roles and group management with IAM (LAB)
  • Advanced subnets and routing 
  • Advanced networking - IPSec, Direct Connect, BGP and Jumbo frames
  • Advanced deployment techniques on AWS 
  • Controlled deployment with Amazon Elastic Beanstalk (LAB)
  • Advanced High Availability on AWS 
  • Hands-on CloudFormation - deploying for scalability (LAB)
  • CI/CD with AWS Code Services (LAB)
  • Develop and Deploy an application with AWS Codestar (LAB)
  • Cloud Governance, risk and compliance 
  • Getting started with Docker on Linux (LAB)
  • Using AWS X-ray to monitor a node.js app deployed with Docker 
  • Getting started with Ansible (LAB)
  • Deploying web applications with Ansible (LAB)
  • Advanced use of CloudFormation 

Monitoring and Compliance

  • Governance on AWS 
  • AWS CloudTrail 
  • Advanced techniques for AWS Monitoring, metrics and logging 
  • Tools for governing AWS accounts (LAB)
  • Key Management Service (KMS)
  • Using Key Management service to encrypt S3 and EBS data (LAB)
  • Compliance check using AWS managed and custom config rules (LAB)

What you will learn

This Learning Path will prepare you to pass the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional exam and get the certification. The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional exam validates technical expertise in provisioning, operating, and managing distributed application systems on the AWS platform. Throughout this Path, you will learn the most common DevOps patterns to develop, deploy, and maintain applications on the AWS platform. We will explore the core principles of the DevOps methodology and examine a number of use cases applicable to startup, small- to medium-sized business, and enterprise development scenarios.


  • AWS Certified Developer - Associate or AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate certification recommended
  • Two or more years’ experience provisioning, operating, and managing AWS environments
  • Experience developing code in at least one high-level programming language
  • Experience in automation and testing via scripting/programming
  • Understanding of agile and other development processes and methodologies


May 16, 2018 - Added Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional Preparation Exam


What is an AWS DevOps engineer?

Using AWS and DevOps practices, an engineer can rapidly build and deliver products. Studying for this certifications means that an engineer will learn a range of topics from automating the software release process to deploying application code, managing infrastrcture, and analyzing its performance. A DevOps engineer combines a number of practices, tools and cultural philosophies in order to increase the business' ability to deliver products and services with a high cadence.

What are DevOps tools?

DevOps has four main tools, Continuous Intengration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Testing, and Continuous Development. These basic continuous processes are used in DevOps Docker and designed it make it easier to develop, deploy and run applications by using containers.

What does a DevOps team do?

A DevOps team has a range of roles and responsibilities. Any application of DevOps is contextual and designed to fit your organization and goals. As part a DevOps team a potential role could be involved in; business capability, platform, site reliability, and infrastructure.

Is there a certification for DevOps?

DevOps is a 'culture' and therefore cannot be certified. One can, however, become a certified DevOps Engineer in the AWS fiels. By using our expert training content and dedicated Learning Path, it will be more than possible to successfully pass the AWS DevOps Engineer (professional) certification.


Your certificate for this learning path

Learning Path Steps

1 courses

Cloud Security is a huge topic, mainly because it has so many different areas of focus. This course focuses on three areas that are fundamental, AWS Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting. These three topics can all be linked together and having an u...

2 courses

When implementing different AWS services and architecting them within your environments, whether it be production, test or dev, do you know your security responsibilities for these services? It is very likely that you are using services from three differen...

3 labs

Learn how to manage our organization using IAM Users and Groups and IAM Roles 

4 courses

Description Creating and configuring a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) within AWS can be a simple or difficult process. It all very much depends on the complexity of your requirements. For example, how many subnets and hosts will you require? will you be using...

5 courses

In this course, you will be introduced to Amazon VPC IPsec VPNs. We will first introduce you to the IPsec security protocol, highlighting key components - providing explanations of what it is and why and where it is useful. We will describe in detail the i...

6 courses

In this course, you will be introduced to Jumbo Frames. We provide a detailed overview of Ethernet frames and how and what effect Jumbo Frames have when configured. Jumbo frames allow more than 1500 bytes of data by increasing the payload size per packet. W...

7 courses

As modern software expectations increase the burden on DevOps delivery processes, engineers working on AWS need increasingly reliable and rapid deployment techniques. This course aims to teach students how to design their deployment processes to best fit bu...

8 labs

For controlled deployments and efficient deployment services of code on EC2 instances, Elastic Beanstalks provides a superior interaction model and developer tools experience.

9 courses

Many businesses host critical infrastructure and technical business assets in the AWS Cloud. Yet, even with so much at stake in the AWS Cloud, many businesses neglect to ensure that their software systems stay online no matter what happens with AWS! In the ...

10 labs

Scalable DevOps: Using CloudFormation for Whole VPC Stacks

11 labs

Follow the application lifecycle from dev to prod: continuous integration, rollbacks and blue/green deployments with AWS Code Services. 

12 labs

Kickstart your individual and team code projects with AWS CodeStar. Learn to develop and deploy an application with AWS CodeStar.

13 courses

In the last decade the nature and complexity of security attacks have increased tremendously. From simple attacks, which focused on hacking exposed web pages; we have evolved to stealthy attacks, which focus on the hacker staying hidden for years on end ins...

14 courses

As companies move more and more mission-critical information and workloads onto the AWS cloud, DevOps Engineers need to implement more sophisticated and secure methods of managing data and processes. This course on Governance on AWS teaches skills to manage...

15 courses

Any information that helps to secure your Cloud infrastructure is of significant use to security engineers and architects, with AWS CloudTrail you have the ability to capture all AWS API calls made by users and/or services. Whenever an API request is made ...

16 courses

Modern AWS cloud deployments are increasingly distributed systems, comprising of many different components and services interacting with each other to deliver software. In order to ensure quality delivery, companies and DevOps teams need more sophisticated ...

17 labs

Learn about the basic techniques and technologies for governance of enterprise AWS accounts. This Lab covers how to use AWS Config Rules, IAM monitoring techniques, AWS CloudTrails, and core reporting tools.

18 labs

Compliance check using AWS Config Rules: See how AWS Config can enhance your security and compliance with AWS managed rules and custom rules with AWS Lambda

19 courses

Course Description Unencrypted data can be read and seen by anyone who has access to it, and data stored at-rest or sent between two locations, in-transit, is known as ‘plaintext’ or ‘cleartext’ data.  The data is plain to see and can be seen and under...

20 labs

In this lab, you'll learn about Amazon Key Management Service to encrypt S3 and EBS Data at an intermediate level. Get started today!

21 courses

Course Description: This course is for anyone with a basic understanding of what containers are, and even why you'd want to use them, but who doesn't understand the nitty-gritty of how they work yet. You should have a basic technical literacy, as well as a...

22 courses

AWS X-Ray makes it possible for you to monitor, trace and visualize activity across multiple application touch points.   In this course we will: Introduce the AWS X-Ray service and the functionality that it provides. Explain the functions of the AWS X-Ray...

23 labs

Ansible Learning PathCourse 2Lab 1 NOTES: This lab starts assuming instructions were given to the user to login to their EC2 instance that was built using the provided AMI.  The default user is ‘ubuntu’.  The security group for the EC2 instance sh

25 quizzes

Getting Started With Ansible

26 courses

As AWS-based cloud environments grow in complexity, DevOps Professionals need to adopt more powerful tools and techniques to manage complex deployments. In the AWS ecosystem, CloudFormation is the most powerful and sophisticated automation tool available to...

27 quizzes

DevOps Engineer for AWS Professional

28 courses

Congratulations on completing all the materials in the learning path. Before you go, here's a brief video to give you insight into how to prepare for and what to expect from your upcoming exam. If you have thoughts or suggestions for this course, please co...

29 exam-filled

Preparation Exam: Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional for AWS

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Nothing gets me more excited than the AWS Cloud platform! Teaching cloud skills has become a passion of mine. I have been a software and AWS cloud consultant for several years. I hold all 5 possible AWS Certifications: Developer Associate, SysOps Administrator Associate, Solutions Architect Associate, Solutions Architect Professional, and DevOps Engineer Professional. I live in Austin, Texas, USA, and work as development lead at my consulting firm, Tuple Labs.