Docker and Container Technologies


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The ability to work with virtualized containers (logically partitioned virtual servers sharing common hardware resources) has transformed the way we develop and provide web services. The availability of free and open source operating systems and software packages has made it possible to launch effectively unlimited software-provisioned instances as test environments for product development or actual production deployments. Docker - for good reason - may be the best known of these virtualized technologies, but it's by no means the only one.

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Virtualization has become a critically important focus of the IT world in recent years. Virtualization technologies are used by countless thousands of companies to consolidate their workloads and to make their IT environments scalable and more flexible. If you want to learn cloud computing, you'll simply have to absorb the basic virtualization technology concepts at some point.  This course will ...


It's hardly an exaggeration to say that there hasn't been an innovation in app development and deployment over the past year or two that's been bigger than Docker. The open source platform for building, shipping, and running distributed applications in isolated virtual containers has literally changed the very fabric of the cloud. Thanks to Docker, software developers can reliably create and ...


Following on the heals of the the well-received introductory course, this new series by the experienced Linux system administrator and cloud expert David Clinton will present many more advanced Docker concepts, the open-source software for creating isolated, virtual containers to deploy and distribute applications. In this course you will see Docker under the hood and discover tips and tricks to ...
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Docker and Container Technologies
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