Information security framework [CISMP D2]

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Once you have completed this Learning Path, you will be able to:

  • Understand how the information security function must influence policy, and ensure the appropriate security behaviours and processes are implemented
  • Recognise organisational structures of modern businesses
  • Comprehend the role of the Information Security Manager
  • Identify the responsibilities of management teams in implementing effective security practices
  • Establish that the entire organisation is responsible for keeping information and systems secure with the right training and support
  • Appreciate the role of security policies, standards, processes, and procedures
  • Select documentation required
  • Balance system security and functionality against cost
  • Follow the evaluation and revision process for security policies
  • Conduct security audits against standards
  • Determine how to monitor compliance with internal security policies

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Training Content

Exam - 10m
Information security framework: Baseline knowledge test [CISMP D2]
Information security framework: Baseline knowledge test [CISMP D2]
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Information life cycle [CISMP]
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Security strategy and legislation [CISMP]
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Information assurance and standards [CISMP]
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Security incident management [CISMP]
In this module you’ll discover the close relationship between business continuity, disaster recovery and incident management.
Exam - 30m
Information Security Framework: Test yourself [CISMP D2]
Information Security Framework: Test yourself [CISMP D2]
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