Introduction to Cryptography [CISMP D6]

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Once you have completed this Learning Path, you will be able to:

  • Identify security controls based on cryptography (authentication, user authentication, integrity, non-repudiation).
  • Classify primary cryptographic areas (symmetric ciphers, hash functions, digital signatures, asymmetric ciphers).
  • Understand key exchange and management.
  • Employ models of protection (network, application, data).

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Training Content

Exam - 10m
Introduction to Cryptography: Baseline knowledge test [CISMP D6]
Introduction to Cryptography: Baseline knowledge test [CISMP D6]
Course - Beginner - 9m
Overview of cryptography [CISMP]
This course will begin with a brief history of cryptography, followed by an introduction into some of the security controls that rely on cryptography to this day. You will also be introduced to the four primary areas of cryptography, comprised of cipher algorithms and keys.
Course - Beginner - 15m
Hash Functions [CISMP]
One of four primary areas of cryptography, hash functions are the focus of this course, which is designed to inform you of their characteristics, properties, and uses.
Course - Beginner - 13m
Keys & models of protection [CISMP]
This course describes how keys are generated, distributed, and managed for the purpose of encoding or decoding cryptographic data. Later, you’ll explore other methods of protection aside from cryptography, to give you a more well-rounded view of asset protection.
Exam - 30m
Introduction to Cryptography: Test yourself [CISMP D6]
Introduction to Cryptography: Test yourself [CISMP D6]
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