Introduction to information risk management [CISMP D1]

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Welcome to Certificate in Information Security Management Principles (CISMP).

You've already met your Subject Matter Expert, Mark Martin, and you're about to see Agent Smith in action. Agent Smith is a character in a Cybercrime case study.

Throughout the course, you will follow him as he infiltrates an organisation, exploits company vulnerabilities, and exposes the weaknesses in the firm’s security. You’ll also hear from our expert Mark, who will explain Smith’s actions and share effective countermeasures to combat these types of attacks.  

The course has been designed to help you learn at your own pace over a two-week period.  

Once you have completed this Learning Path, you will be able to:  

  • Define what information security is 
  • Identify risks, threats and how to navigate diverse types of risks, such as, the dark web, big data, and social media 
  • Distinguish between different types of risk (inherent and residual)  
  • Use risk classification probabilities (quantitative and qualitative) 
  • Employ threat management and the strategic controls (intelligence, research, or analytics) to defeat a range of threats  
  • Apply the risk management life cycle and its four stages (Identification, Analysis, Treatment, and Monitor) 

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Training Content

Exam - 10m
Information risk management: Baseline knowledge test [CISMP D1]
Information risk management: Baseline knowledge test [CISMP D1]
Course - Beginner - 1h 4m
Introduction to information risk management [CISMP]
In this course, you’ll be looking at numerous aspects of the risk matrix including the risk and threats involved in big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), the dark web and social media. You'll also be exploring threat intelligence, unified threat management (UTM), and security risk. You'll also ...
Course - Beginner - 28m
Risk management life cycle and treatment [CISMP]
In this course, you'll be examining the risk management life cycle and treatment, you'll learn about qualitative and quantitative methods as well as risk register and asset classification.
Exam - 30m
Information risk management: Test yourself [CISMP D1]
Information risk management: Test yourself [CISMP D1]
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