Physical and Environmental Controls [CISMP D7]

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Once you have completed this Learning Path, you will be able to:

  • Employ layered security
  • Recognise physical, technical, and procedural controls
  • Manage moving property
  • Practise secure disposal
  • Implement security in delivery areas

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Training Content

Exam - 10m
Physical and Environmental Controls: Baseline knowledge test [CISMP D7]
Physical and Environmental Controls: Baseline knowledge test [CISMP D7]
Course - Beginner - 4m
Layered Security [CISMP]
This Course will begin with looking at a layered approach to security, also known as defence in depth.
Course - Beginner - 41m
Physical, technical, and procedural controls [CISMP]
In this Course, you’ll learn how you can protect your organisation using physical, technical, and procedural controls. Part of this Course involves learning what techniques attackers use to work around these controls, which will help you take the necessary steps to stop them should a threat arise.
Course - Beginner - 15m
Moving and disposal of equipment [CISMP]
This Course covers the proper ways in which to move property and securely dispose of equipment, factoring in the possible risks and threats to you along the way.
Course - Beginner - 6m
Security controls in practice [CISMP]
This Course demonstrates how all of the controls you have learned about so far can be utilised in the context of a delivery or loading area.
Exam - 30m
Physical and Environmental Controls: Test yourself [CISMP D7]
Physical and Environmental Controls: Test yourself [CISMP D7]
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