Technical and Security Controls [CISMP D5]

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Once you have completed this Learning Path, you will be able to:

  • Classify types of malware and their impact on computer systems.
  • Recognise methods through which networks can be accessed and security risks controlled.
  • Discern network building blocks.
  • Identify security issues related to services that use networking, including Mobile, PSTN, SCADA, etc.
  • Understand virtualisation.
  • Appreciate the Cloud model and cloud service models.
  • Provide for security and privacy considerations.
  • Anticipate commercial risks.
  • Follow IT infrastructure security requirements.
  • Use technical security controls.
  • Implement system, application, and software patching.
  • Carry out data back-up.
  • Coordinate auditing.
  • Ensure protective monitoring.
  • Employ Network intrusion devices.
  • Integrate penetration testing.

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Training Content

Exam - 10m
Technical and Security Controls: Baseline knowledge test [CISMP D5]
Technical and Security Controls: Baseline knowledge test [CISMP D5]
Course - Beginner - 36m
Information Life Cycle [CISMP]
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Networks and communications [CIMSP]
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Security issues [CISMP]
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Virtualisation and cloud computing [CISMP]
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Course - Beginner - 17m
IT infrastructure security
In this course on IT infrastructure security, we’ll be looking at the SD3 framework and some modern development approaches that seek to incorporate security into the development right from the beginning. You’ll also look at detection and testing in some detail.
Exam - 30m
Technical and Security Controls: Test yourself [CISMP D5]
Technical and Security Controls: Test yourself [CISMP D5]
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