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Amazon Web Services Training Library

The demand for the workforce to be able to operate in the cloud is growing exponentially. Cloud Academy offers easy access to the new generation of cloud training, for professionals and enterprise. The Amazon Web Services Training Library is a hub of highly-rated resources including learning paths, courses, labs, quizzes, and exams to enable you to get the right training to put you on the right track for AWS success.


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Migrate your infrastructure and business to Amazon Web Services

Is your company looking to migrate from your on premise Data Center? Is it possible that you are wanting to utilize the large scope of what AWS has to offer, but are struggling to understand where to start? Our curated content can help guide you through the do’s and don'ts that will enable you to successfully complete your project and get the most out of the services available. Our platform offers Learning Paths, following the journey from start to end, along with individual courses that focus on useful topics when strategizing a migration. You can find our full list of courses in the AWS Training Library.

AWS Security and Governance

Security must be the core focus of every deployment. We have a huge wealth of content surrounding a wide myriad of AWS security and governance controls and services in our library to make sure all bases are thoroughly covered. Understand how to protect, secure, prevent and identify weaknesses, threats and risks while at the same time maintaining compliance with governance and compliance programs with our top pick of training resources. Visit our AWS Training Library to see our full range of AWS Learning Paths.

AWS for Developers

AWS has allowed the possibilities and realms of what can be achieved by your developers to explode exponentially. Drive your company forward by concentrating on business solutions and unlock the potential and capabilities of your development team by introducing the best practices, frameworks and service knowledge surrounding the offerings that AWS has to offer via our Development focused training content.

AWS Machine Learning and AI

With Machine Learning and AI taking more and more precedence in the workforce, equip you and your team with the right tools and resources to pioneer success within your enterprise. We have the subject covered with our focused Learning Paths and Courses. To take a look at our full repertoire of AWS Courses visit our AWS Training Library.

AWS Monitoring and Logging

Are your solutions operating and performing as expected? Services can be implement by monitoring and logging solutions to provide your team with a wide range of key and critical data enabling you to enhance your environment. Make sure you keep the operational sight of your resources intact with our pick of content that will enable you to learn how to run an optimal and efficient environment.

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