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A list of all the Learning Paths, Labs, and Courses coming soon, and links to the content we have published most recently.

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Amazon Web Services

Learning paths

  • Serverless Computing on AWS for Developers SCHEDULED for February 2019


  • DevOps Engineer - Professional Certification Preparation for AWS (2019) SCHEDULED for March 2019

  • Solutions Architect – Professional Certification Preparation for AWS (2019) SCHEDULED for February 2019


  • 1000 FT Overview of 35 Services Announced During AWS Re:invent SCHEDULED for March 2019

  • Understanding AWS Lambda to Run & Scale your code SCHEDULED for February 2019

Google Cloud Platform

Learning paths

  • Associate Cloud Engineer Exam Preparation SCHEDULED for April 2019


Microsoft Azure

Learning paths

  • AZ-101 Exam Preparation: Microsoft Azure Integration and Security SCHEDULED for February 2019

  • AZ-203 Exam Preparation: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure SCHEDULED for April 2019

  • AZ-300 Exam Preparation: Technologies for Microsoft Azure Architects SCHEDULED for February 2019

Cloud Ecosystem

Learning paths

  • Kubernetes Ecosystem - Automation SCHEDULED for April 2019

    Kubeflow (machine learning on K8s), Helm (k8s package manager), k8s deploy in continuous deployment(+terraform), Kubernetes cluster federation (multi-cloud) + Labs

  • Combining DevOps tools at scale - Bamboo JIRA SonarQube Splunk Zephyr SCHEDULED for February 2019

    Learn how to use DevOps tools together to improve your DevOps workflow and integrate real DevOps processes in to your stack Using JIRA to manage tickets Using SonarQube for continuous inspection Using Splunk for continuous monitoring Intro to Zephyr for continuous testing Using Bamboo to orchestrate CICD pipelines Lab1: Install Bamboo and build CICD pipeline

  • Building Applications with Python SCHEDULED for February 2019

    A Newbie to Ninja guide to writing applications using Python. This learning path will suit anyone looking to leverage the power and portability of the Python language. We start with the basics and progress through to advanced functions, tips and dev best practices

  • Getting Started with Nginx Services and Tools SCHEDULED for February 2019


  • Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) SCHEDULED for March 2019

  • Managing Container Security SCHEDULED for February 2019

    Learn the best practices and best practice tools for managing container security at scale

  • Building Microservices on Kubernetes using GO SCHEDULED for March 2019

    Intro to Go Language Building Microservices using Go Lab1: Install Go and compile and run several quick demos

  • Jenkins for CI/CD SCHEDULED for February 2019

    Jenkins CICD intro Jenkins CICD Pipelines for Advanced Build, Test, and Deploy Lab1: Deploy and setup Jenkins CICD server Lab2:Build and Deploy a Java based website using Jenkins CICD pipelines, Terraform, and Puppeteer

  • Running back up and recovery in the Cloud SCHEDULED for February 2019

    Learn how to manage and optimize back up and recovery at scale with AWS Advanced Technology partner N2WS

  • DevOps Playbook - Automation and Optimization SCHEDULED for February 2019

    Advanced use cases, tools and services for securing, automating and optimizing DevOps Environments


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