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Amazon Web Services

Learning paths

  • Migrating to AWS SCHEDULED for October 2017

    From using AWS' tools that enable migration, to managing a hybrid infrastructure, this learning path provides the information you need to migrate to AWS.

  • Python for Lambda SCHEDULED for September 2017

    Want to use Lambda, but don't know Python? This learning path will give you just the tools you need.

  • Working with API Gateway SCHEDULED for September 2017

    The content in this LP will walk you through API Gateway for AWS, from beginner to advanced.

  • Certified Advanced Networking Specialty on AWS PUBLISHED in August 2017

    A learning path that goes in depth on advanced networking for AWS, designed for those who want to pass the new Advanced Networking Specialty certification on AWS, but also valuable to anyone needing to learn about networking.

  • Certified Big Data Specialty on AWS PUBLISHED in February 2017

    A learning path that goes in depth on big data for AWS, designed for those who want to pass the new Big Data Specialty certification on AWS, but also valuable to anyone needing to manage data.

  • AWS Access & Key Management Security PUBLISHED in July 2017

    This learning path has been designed to help you understand how AWS implements and manages access to its resources from an Identity, key management, and best practice perspective.

  • AWS Security Services PUBLISHED in July 2017

    With AWS Security Services learning path you'll learn how to effectively protect your data from unwanted exposures, vulnerabilities, and threats.

  • AWS Cloud Management Tools PUBLISHED in July 2017

    This learning path introduces the AWS Cloud Management Tools to help you optimize, control and manage your AWS infrastructure.


  • Introduction to Amazon Inspector PUBLISHED in July 2017

    Amazon Inspector is used for security vulnerabilities in your EC2 instances and other applications, during any stage of development and deployment.


  • Follow Best Practices with AWS Trusted Advisor SCHEDULED for September 2017

    Get hands-on experience with AWS Trusted Advisor.

Google Cloud Platform

Learning paths

  • Google Professional Data Engineer Certification Preparation SCHEDULED for October 2017

    Everything you need to prepare for the Google Certified Professional Data Engineer exam.

  • Google Cloud Platform for Solution Architects PUBLISHED in July 2017

    This learning path will take you through the fundamentals of Google Cloud Platform and then show you how to design an enterprise-class Google Cloud infrastructure for your own organization.

  • Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals PUBLISHED in July 2017

    If you want to learn how to use Google's lightning-fast, global cloud network to host your applications, then this is a good place to start.

  • Google BigQuery PUBLISHED in July 2017

    Learn how to load, query, and secure your data in Google BigQuery, Google's lightning-fast data warehouse in the cloud.


  • Introduction to Google Cloud Platform Container Engine PUBLISHED in June 2017

    GKE is Google’s container management and orchestration service that allows you to run your containers at scale. It provides a managed Kubernetes infrastructure that gives you the power of Kubernetes while allowing you to focus on deploying and running your container clusters.

Microsoft Azure

Learning paths

  • Introduction to Security on Azure SCHEDULED for September 2017

    An introduction to the tools you need to make sure your Azure setup is secure.


  • Azure Fundamentals SCHEDULED for October 2017

    Learn the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure's platform.

  • Introduction to Microsoft Azure PUBLISHED in June 2017

    Microsoft Azure is a collection of services that enables individuals and organizations to create, deploy, and operate cloud-based applications and infrastructure services. In this course, we’ll give a brief overview of the various services on Azure, explaining who they are and how they work together on Azure.

Cloud Ecosystem


  • Software Development, Testing, and Delivery with Docker SCHEDULED for September 2017

    Learn how to implement software development, testing, and delivery using Docker with this lab.

  • Setting up Jenkins on Windows SCHEDULED for September 2017

    Learn to use Windows to set up Jenkins in this hands-on lab.

  • Using Chef Solo on Windows PUBLISHED in July 2017

    Refine your Chef and desired state configuration skills as you configure a Windows virtual machine with this Chef Solo Lab!


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