Navigating Cloud Migration: Your Guide to Building Skills Readiness in Financial Services

Migrating a financial services organization to the public cloud is more complex than moving people, processes, and technology from point A to point B. But companies like JPMorgan Chase and Capital One, who overcome the challenges and make the journey, are likely realizing that the benefits far outweigh the rewards.

McKinsey estimates that Fortune 500 financial institutions could generate as much as $60 billion to $80 billion in run-rate EBITDA in 2030 by making the most of the cost-optimization levers and business use cases unlocked by the cloud. But despite the value of the cloud, many financial services organizations are slowly and gradually embracing a migration for a variety of reasons ranging from intense security concerns to pushback from employees.

Read this blueprint to learn how financial services companies can successfully prepare for a public cloud migration at scale by leaning into staff cloud skill readiness through tech training.

Financial Services Blueprint