Cloud Certification Fast-track

Get teams certified on time, on target

Our Cloud Certification Fast-track is a dedicated program to help teams crush their certification goals with direct support from our team of cloud experts. We keep teams on track with end-to-end program management including custom training, visibility into progress, and accountability to drive results.

Save time. Reduce overhead. Drive results.

Cloud Academy enables teams to predictably Assess, Develop, and Validate tech skills through a programmatic approach, and Training Plans are a key part of our proven technology to effectively manage certification programs at scale.

Assign Personalized Training with Due Dates and Reminders

Create clearly-defined, easy-to-follow Training Plans across multiple teams, skills, and certifications.

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Monitor Team Progress with Granular Insights

Easily align on initiatives, track progress company-wide, and course-correct when users fall behind.

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Validate Certification Readiness with Intuitive Skills Reporting

Confidently know when each team member is ready to pass their certification exam.

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How our Certification Fast-Track Program works

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Comprehensive Program Design

  • Exclusive access to subject matter experts
  • Frameworks for effective stakeholder engagement
  • Certification prep webinar series

Our team of cloud experts will work with you to define a clear strategy to reach your goals. We design custom Training Plans, live learning, and hands-on skill-building specific to your organization, and we provide proven frameworks to effectively engage stakeholders and learners.

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Hands-on Guided Learning

  • Instructor-led live labs
  • Team office hours
  • Interactive Q&A sessions
  • Re-certification Bootcamps

Learning is about much more than taking courses. Our fast-track program prioritizes building hands-on skills through hundreds of labs, and our team of subject matter experts will support you every step of the way through focused and meaningful interactions.

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Measurement & Accountability

  • Progress checks with Customer Success Manager
  • Ensure certification readiness with Skill Profiles
  • Shareable insights across teams

Achieving certifications at scale is a challenging endeavor, you need data to track progress and increase accountability in your organization. We built measurement and control into our product design, making it uniquely suited to provide the visibility you need to stay on track.

Cloud Certification Fast-track

Do you have an upcoming certification goal?

From AWS, Azure, GCP, DevOps, Security, and more – we know cloud certifications like the back of our hand, and we’ve helped thousands of our customers reach their goals.

Whether you already have a certification initiative in place or you need help getting started, we’re here to make it easier,  help you move faster, and see your certification goals through to the finish line.

Connect with our team of cloud experts to get started today.

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