Content Engine™

    It’s time to power up your cloud training.

    Create, Manage, and Integrate Custom Training Content

    Content Engine™ powers Cloud Academy’s management and delivery of best-in-class training. Now it’s available to our customers as an LMS for you to supercharge your onboarding, training, and discovery.
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    Integrate Internal Training with Cloud Academy

    Content Engine™ combines Cloud Academy’s Content Library with your custom content to give your team the ability to gain fundamental knowledge around technologies with the context of how they are used across your organization. Imagine one place for your team to receive expert training and find relevant information around your company’s technology infrastructure, policies, configurations, and documentation.


    Automate Creation of Training Content with AI

    Drag and drop your internal docs into Cloud Academy. Our Natural Language Processing algorithm automates the creation of curriculum with over 70% accuracy. Documentation is hard enough to keep updated. Cloud Academy automates the drudgery and allows you to focus on what matters.


    Effortlessly Create Custom Learning Paths

    Custom Learning Paths are the perfect way to build a set of dedicated paths for your organization. Start from scratch or combine content from Cloud Academy’s Library and your internal library. Insert Hands-on Labs, Quiz sessions, and Video courses. Name your Custom Learning Path, give it a description, and publish it to your team in Cloud Academy. It’s that easy.


    Complete Content Control

    Each Content Engine™ instance is isolated from other Cloud Academy accounts and puts you in control with granular individual and team permissions. Create, export, and delete content on demand. With Content Engine™, you can even configure a creation and review process so that your team can collaborate on development, and drafts are reviewed prior to publishing.

    Context. Show your team
    what training looks like with it.

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