Instructor-Led Training

When you seamlessly blend the best of two different worlds, the result is perfection.

By partnering with QA, the leader of classroom-based IT training, Cloud Academy now offers organizations a perfect blend of digital and in-person training.

Integrate instructor-led cloud training into your digital program

Add instructor-led seminars into Cloud Academy's digital training plan agendas. Give your employees the all-inclusive training program they need to achieve optimal business results.

Make the most of your classroom training budget

By using Cloud Academy's Skill Assessment technology to profile cloud skills across your organization, you ensure that employees with the right skills are arriving to the right in-person training, at the right time.

Give employees the ability to refresh skills built in the classroom

Increase the likelihood that in-person training skills are applied on the job with Cloud Academy's digital platform. When employees can revisit training material when and where they want, skills are much more likely to get applied on-the-job.

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The Future of In-Person Learning is Blended

Our blended approach solves the common problems with traditional training delivery. Traditional classroom training requires employees to be present for days at a time — with 100% attentiveness to obtain the full benefits of the instructor-led environment. In the traditional approach, we’ve seen companies take large libraries of undifferentiated training material to “make it available” to employees digitally. Neither of these training delivery methods work for today’s modern working learner.

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— and even the best instructors struggle at meeting roomfuls of trainees where they are. Too often, we see companies simply taking large libraries of undifferentiated training material and “making it available” to employees digitally. Neither work for today’s modern working learner.

Our blended approach includes the important social component and high engagement rates of in-person training — all while leveraging the scale, flexibility, customization, and measurability that the Cloud Academy platform unlocks.

Cloud Academy now offers blended instructor-led, digital training.