Skill Assessment

The fastest path to aligning cloud skills to your vision starts with data.

Profile cloud skills across your organization

Skill Profiles track aptitude by cloud platform, domain, or topic across your company over time. Understand who has what it takes to tackle your next cloud initiative through real-time comparisons between individuals, teams, and the company as a whole. Identify skill gaps, assign fit-for-purpose Training Plans, and monitor the effectiveness of training using skill-based KPIs. Skill Profiles take the guesswork out of knowing where your teams stand.

Before Skill Profiles, our training KPIs focused on the quantity of training consumed. Training effort matters, but it’s most important to measure the continuous results—the ongoing acquisition of skills that will make us stand out as an organization in cloud.
Cloud University Lead, Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

Skill Assessment Dashboard

Assess intelligently, at scale

Cloud Academy performs ongoing gap analysis and adapts assessment to establish the truest picture of the skills that matter to your organization. Knowledge Graph™ connects hundreds of cloud skills and technologies, which means Skill Profiles are built during the first minutes of assessment.

Assessment Screenshot

Measure Competencies, Anytime

With industry needs continuously changing, organizations need to be able to verify their team’s skill sets. Cloud Academy’s Assessment Cycles are exam-driven modules designed to help organizational leadership understand the skills and capabilities of individuals either in the onboarding stage or as a part of the ongoing assessment.

Assessment Cycles

Put your team's real-world cloud skills to the test

Multiple-choice quizzes validate and test the technical know-how, theory, and best practices imparted throughout standard and customized Learning Paths. In study mode, quizzes are untimed, answers are provided, and users receive explanations with links to further documentation. In test mode, quizzes are timed and results impact Skill Profiles, which are updated in real time.

Put your teams real-world cloud skills to the test

Certify knowledge with exams

When vendor certification is a necessity, you should know when teams are ready to sit for the exam. Cloud Academy’s library of pre-built exams are closely aligned with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud certification tests. Leverage exams to understand when employees are ready to pass the test.

Certify knowledge with exams

Create custom cloud skill assessments

With 12k+ questions covering AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, DevOps, and other methodologies and tools, Cloud Academy offers the largest and most relevant collection of cloud assessment content available. Using Content Engine™, you can create exams specific to your technology stack, add your own questions, and even set success parameters.

Starting from Cloud Academy’s exams as templates, we created our own highly specific exams that not only address our contractual needs with AWS, but also ensure that our workforce has the knowledge of our internal policies and processes that we expect of them. In essence, we built a custom certification program using Cloud Academy.
Senior Director, Leading Consulting Firm

Create custom cloud skill assessments

Take a data-driven approach to what matters most.