Skill Assessment

    The fastest path to identifying skill gaps and optimizing for cloud-first culture starts here.

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    Powered by CloudRank

    CloudRank learns skill gaps as questions are answered and adapts assessment to gain a true picture of cloud knowledge. CloudRank tracks aptitude by cloud technology. Progress is reported on dashboards for users and managers.


    Identify Strengths and Address Skill Gaps

    In minutes, understand where your team should start training in the cloud. Complete a Learning Path, assign an exam, and rest easy that everyone has the knowledge and real-world practice required to contribute meaningfully to your current cloud initiative. There shouldn’t be any guesswork about where your team stands. Simple as that.


    Build Deep Knowledge with Study Mode

    In Study Mode, CloudRank delivers multiple choice questions designed to explain and contextualize. Study Mode is untimed, provides explanations for answers, and links directly to underlying documentation. Flashcards for the cloud era.


    Gamify and Reward Critical Thinking with Test Mode

    Put your team’s real-world knowledge and skills to the test. Over 60% of quiz content covers specific real-world scenarios. Test mode performance affects the organization Leader Board. A single view that incentivizes teams, measures aptitude, and enables training at scale.


    The Largest Collection of Assessment Questions Available. Now Customizable.

    Get access to over 12,000 assessment questions across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and DevOps methodologies and tools. From specific knowledge of AWS EC2 to general cloud concepts for business users, it’s the largest and most relevant collection of assessment content available. All assessment can be customized at scale using the Content Engine™, enabling lightning-quick employee onboarding and re-training.

    Your path toward a culture of cloud starts here. Let Cloud Academy guide you.

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