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Technical Fundamentals for AWS

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The bite-sized videos that make up our courses are a terrific way to visualize and understand the practical implementation of Cloud computing technologies.

Each course is logically arranged around multiple lecture videos making it even easier to go at your own pace.
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Deepen your knowledge with interactive Hands-On Labs for AWS. A brand new learning experience!

“Our hands-on labs are designed for a learn-by-doing approach.
Once you start a lab you will access the real AWS console in a live environment.
The lab will guide you through the whole process and will
notify you whenever you successfully complete a step.”

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The AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate) practical stream provides hands-on lab activities to help you start understanding and designing distributed applications and systems on the AWS platform. The following lab subjects are directly recommended by Amazon for anyone who is interested in using AWS services and get certified.
Create your first Amazon EC2 Instance (Linux)
How to launch, configure and access a Linux virtual machine using Amazon AWS. Amazon EC2 allows you to launch Cloud instances of different types on a pay-per-use approach. It provides you with complete control over your computing resources running on Amazon's computing environment. Amazon EC2 reduces the time required to obtain and boot new server instances to minutes, allowing you to quickly scale capacity, both up and down, as your computing requirements change. Amazon EC2 allows you to set up and configure everything about your instances, from your operating system up to your applications.

Login to Amazon Web Service Console

Create an EC2 instance

Convert a PEM key to a PPK key

Connect to a remote shell using a SSH connection

Get the EC2 instance metadata

Terminate an EC2 instance

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Solutions Architect Professional Level Certification for AWS (1 of 3)

“Cloud Academy has everything you need : dedicated quiz, video courses and hands-on labs
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amazon aws certificate
AWS Certifications are the dedicated professional IT certification path for Amazon Web Services. Being a market leader in the Cloud computing market worldwide, AWS Certifications have become indispensable for many small companies and enterprises, developers, system administrators, IT managers and executives who want to understand Cloud computing and, specifically, the AWS suite.
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Assess Your skills, answer scenario-based quizzes, and improve your Cloud Rank

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Our large and growing database of self-test questions is designed to move you as quickly as possible from your initial exposure to Cloud computing confidence and full mastery. With each question you attempt, your CloudRank changes, allowing our system to adjust the skill level of subsequent questions and guide you from topic to topic.
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