Join Cloud Marathon
Transform your life and career by committing to learning for 60 minutes a day for 100 days. Complete the Cloud Marathon and your education is free!
Can’t commit to 100 days in a row? Read on to learn about our Half Marathon, 50/100-day opportunity
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Cloud Marathon
Your journey starts here
Start your #100DaysOfCloud challenge anywhere in the Cloud Academy library. Pick whatever platform or skill(s) you’d like to improve on, enroll in a Learning Path or a Job Role, and let the daily cloud experience begin.
Share on social media
Keep yourself accountable by sharing your daily progress on Twitter or LinkedIn with your #100DaysOfCloud peers. We make it easy to share directly from the Cloud Academy platform, so once you’ve finished your hour of learning, it’s just 2 clicks of a mouse.
How it worksBullets line
Create an account on Cloud Academy and start a 100-day subscription to access all our content 😍
Pick your marathon commitment. Can’t commit to 100 days in a row for a full refund? How about 50 over a 100-day span for half-off? Choose the full or the half marathon based on your time constraints 🙌
Study for at least 60 minutes each day on any topic you desire. Be consistent and jump-start your cloud career 🤓
Share your progress on social media. In order to consider a day complete you need to share it with the community on Twitter or Linkedin 👍
Track your daily achievements on a dedicated dashboard and collect experience points to unlock further rewards 🎉
Complete your marathon commitment and earn your money back. Full Marathon = 100% refund, Half Marathon = 50% refund 🏆 🤑
Earn your money back
Love the #100DaysOfCloud challenge? So do we! Once you complete the 100-day challenge, you’ll earn a refund for your subscription
100 / 100 days
Earn a 100% Refund
50 / 100 days
Earn a 50% Refund
When does it start - end?
Pre-registration: Begins on May 25, 2021 and runs until June 13, 2021. During this period, marathoners will receive unlimited access to the platform for free. Use this time to warm up and get comfortable with all of Cloud Academy’s features!
Marathon start date: The #100DaysOfCloud officially begins on June 14, 2021, so be sure to sign up in advance so you can work alongside your peers!
What content is included?
You will have unlimited access to learning paths, courses, quizzes, exams, and our most popular labs in live cloud environments. You'll be able to dive into a lab to practice your hands-on skills using our actual accounts on Alibaba, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud — so you don't want to miss a beat!
Who can register for the Cloud Marathon?
Anyone that doesn’t have an active Cloud Academy subscription can register for the Full or Half Cloud Marathon. This includes anyone who has never been a customer and expired customers.
Can you join the Cloud Marathon after June 14, 2021?
Yes! This initiative will be re-opened in the future and run on an ongoing basis — you will be able to start whenever you like for 100 days. In case you can’t commit to the marathon now, stay tuned and keep an eye out for communications from the Cloud Academy team.