Final Exam: Red Hat Certified Enterprise Microservices Developer EX283
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Max time1h
Total questions41
Average time45m
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This exam will test the concepts, services, and methods discussed in the Oracle Certified Master - Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect learning path. You have 60 minutes to complete 41 multiple-choice questions. 

You must score 60 percent or higher to pass this exam.

Questions will focus on the following topics:

  • Develop RESTful Services using Spring MVC
  • Consume RESTful Services with Spring RestTemplate
  • How to use Project Lombok
  • Spring Data JPA with Hibernate
  • Configuration of Spring Boot for PostGre
  • Data validation with Spring Boot and Hibernate Validator
  • Standardizing dependencies using Apache Maven
  • Spring Application Events
  • The API Gateway pattern using Spring Cloud Gateway
  • Service Registration using Netflix Eureka
  • Circuit Breaker Pattern using Hystrix
  • Manage configuration with Spring Cloud Config
  • Distributed tracing with Spring Cloud Zipkin
  • Securing Spring Cloud with Spring Security
  • Use Docker to create images for your Spring Boot applications
  • Push your Docker Images to Docker Hub
  • Using Docker Compose to start and stop your microservices
  • Deploy Spring Cloud Config in the cloud with Eureka
  • Role of Docker compose and how to use it to run all the microservices inside an application
  • Creating the Microservice with Spring Boot and JAX-RS
  • Creating the Microservice with Spring Boot and Spring MVC
  • How to Use Thymeleaf Attributes, Layouts, Form Handling, Standard Expressions

Completing the Exam:

You can spend as long as you wish on any particular question but must budget your time to complete all the questions. Any questions not completed in the allotted time will be scored as incorrect.

During the session, you may skip questions and return to them later in the session. You can also review your answers to previous questions and change them at any point during the exam session.

You can end your exam session by submitting your exam for a score or by discarding your exam.

Submitting Your Exam

You may submit your exam at any time by clicking "Submit Exam" and confirming your choice. Once confirmed, this completes the entire exam session. All of your answers will be scored, and your Skill Score will be updated. All unanswered questions will be scored as incorrect. You cannot return later to complete any unanswered questions.

Discarding Your Exam

You may discard your exam at any time by clicking "Discard Exam" and confirming your choice. Once confirmed, your exam session will be closed without saving your exam progress. None of your answers will be scored, and your Skill Score will not be updated. When you return to complete the exam, you will begin an entirely new exam session which may include new exam questions.


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