Webinar | Introduction to Amazon Lightsail Object Storage

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Developers use object storage to store static files for backups, website content, and much more. In this tech talk, you will learn of a new, low-cost way to store your static content on Amazon Lightsail. Join Darko Mesaroš, Senior Developer Advocate at AWS, as he walks you through different types of cloud storage (object, block, and file storage) and presents a demo of uploading static images from your Amazon Lightsail object storage bucket to a WordPress website. At the end of the webinar, we will hold a Q&A with Darko and Stuart Scott, AWS Content Director at Cloud Academy, to open the floor to attendees.

This session is best suited for those new to the cloud looking to understand fundamental storage concepts and developers who would like to improve their websites.

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Stuart has been working within the IT industry for two decades covering a huge range of topic areas and technologies, from data center and network infrastructure design, to more recently cloud architecture and implementation.

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