Develop Tech Talent for Digital Transformation

Organizations are quickly learning that recruiting alone won’t solve tech talent shortages. The fastest path to cloud and digital transformation starts with training existing teams who understand your business, industry, and technology.

Build Cloud Skills from Within.

Build deep expertise in next-gen cloud migration, security, containers, and microservices

Empower teams to make best-fit design decisions in an ecosystem that is rapidly evolving

Create a culture of cloud so teams are speaking a common language

Encourage discovery and build a foundation for embracing innovation

Manage change effectively so individuals can contribute meaningfully

Improve signal-to-noise ratios in training so your teams can focus on what matters

71% of IT departments believe their organization has lost revenue due to a lack of cloud skills. 1
1 Rackspace. “The Cost of Cloud Expertise.” 2017.

Training Plans that Transform

To make the most of a public cloud investment, teams need robust decision-making skills around technology and architecture. Cloud Academy empowers organizations with the knowledge, skills, and experience to align architecture decisions to business needs.

“Cloud Academy’s training curriculum is key for keeping teams up to date with cloud technology advancements. The platform is the most effective learning tool for helping us meet our tight turnaround times and busy schedules.”

Marino Sperandeo, Technologist

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